Born out of the pursuit
of beauty & excellence

Formerly TASK Interior Styling, House of TASK was founded in 2016 by interior stylist and businesswoman, Mali Langa.

House of TASK is the next evolution in proving exceptional full turnkey solutions for excellence in African interior design, 3D modelling, styling, and shopfitting & construction. House of TASK offers the best in luxury interiors, project management and excellent quality installations.

” From a young age, I’d watch my aunt go about filling her home with interesting decorations, rugs, furniture, curtains and she’d always style them in a way that was so different but so modern. I liked that. “

After starting out as just a hobby, Mali put her skills to the test on her first project, a private residential home where she was presented with the opportunity to make an empty shell into a unique yet intimate space a family could call home.

The success thereof confirmed that there was no doubt her passion and unique eye for style and beauty deserved a chance in the big leagues.

Mali has remained true to her crux, advocating for innovation through collaboration as the foundation for House of TASK.

” I’ve built the business from an infant idea through collaborating with the right team, enabling creativity and innovation to flourish. It’s a winning formula and it’s evident in the work House of TASK produces.

Who we are

House of TASK was founded on the importance of living your dreams and working tirelessly to leave a positive impact on the world, one that strives to use design to showcase African distinction to the highest degree.

As a black woman owned company in the creative design industry, TASK believes in collaboration with other designers, architects, artists, service providers and its clients.

Our brand focusses on high-end luxury interiors for retail, hospitality, commercial and residential projects, bringing a sophisticated touch of style and function from a carefully curated team of leading creatives and professionals in the interior design field.

Looking to expand the business and create a full turnkey service that includes project management, shopfitting and construction, House of TASK procured and merged with Eminent Designs in 2021; a shopfitting corporation that has been in the industry for over 20 years. The core driving belief has always been that the only way to achieve a great finished product is by carefully selecting the right combination of raw mate rials and superior finishes with the latest innovation in carpentry solutions. 

Our professional team works together to elevate each other in alignment to the company’s goals and aspirations. House of TASK aspires to empower and build our employee’s skill sets and expanding their knowledge so they can deliver the highest quality products and services for our client base. We aim to be a trusted and recognisable force in interior design, shopfitting and interior construction.


Being a recognised and innovative leader offering exclusive interior design solutions and shopfitting manufacture to retail, hospitality, commercial and high-end residential fitouts with an individual personalised approach of making your dreams a reality


To provide superior quality interior designs, project management and shopfitting services to our clients. We seek to earn our clients’ participation and trust by meeting and exceeding their expectations. We are committed to treating our staff, subcontractors, and clients with high regard, honesty, integrity, and respect. We take pride in our work and our team shares a passion for perfection. Each one of our projects will reflect our company’s commitment to excellence in design, construction, and services.


  • To always maintain excellence
  • Provide exemplary customer service
  • Develop an efficient workforce
  • To expand in other African regions
  • To deliver customer-driven solutions exceeding expectations
Integrity — Service — Innovation — Integrity — Service — Innovation — Integrity — Service — Innovation —
Creativity — Collaboration — Quality — Creativity — Collaboration — Quality — Creativity — Collaboration — Quality —


  • Integrity: To always be honest with our clients by
    communicating with them throughout the project.
  • Service: We pledge to always maintain the highest level of service.
  • Innovation: We are committed to continuous pursuit of excellence.
  • Quality expertise: Every team member has been recruited in part to his or her exceptional skill and passion for their particular role, allowing us to take pride in shaping your designs

Our Team

Mali Langa


Felicity Molokomme


Thabo Thobe

Keeping the team smiling and looked after, Thabo is a qualified human resources with many years of experience in HR and office administration. Thabo’s extensive knowledge of South African labour law legislation and his previous administrative positions have set him up to be excellent at fulfilling his responsibilities which include HR , office administration, procurement of candidates for the ever-growing TASK team, and customer relations and stock management for the TIS online shop, among various other duties.

Nomalungelo Magubane

With her high passion and enjoyment of numbers, formulas and calculation, Nomalungelo enjoys her Quantity Surveyor role for the Task Team. By taking caution on project costs and ensuring the best cost-effective solution is applied in every project costing, Nomalungelo ensures that all project finances are used accordingly and within budget without compromising the quality of the project. Through her refined years within the interior fit-out sector, Nomalungelo has understood the importance of project delivery. She applies the same personal financial expenditure on projects as she would on her personal life to view costs through the Client’s eye. Currently Nomalungelo holds a National Building Diploma from Mangosuthu University of Technology, with priority plans to advance her qualifications to obtaining a BscHons in Quantity Surveying and be a professionally registered Quantity Surveyor that specializes in Interior fit-out/deco.

Ryan Venter

My passion for working with Wood began in my teenage years and has taken me from a Hobbyist, to a part-time Woodworker, taking in odd jobs whenever time allowed, to making it a fulltime growing business that has been going on for the last five years. I have been involved in every aspect of a project, from the Design Phase, to Handover. I am responsible for ensuring that my Team’s work meets high standards, while also improving efficiency and customer satisfaction throughout all aspects of projects completed. I have worked in a variety of industries and for various clientele, such as, Architects, Interior Designers and Artists. I have been able to teach others how they should do things properly, while also keeping myself up-to-date on all the new techniques that are available. My ideal goal would be to learn new skills and grow with a Team; taking on roles with responsibility and being hands ­on in my approach. I aim to manage projects and solve problems by keeping in communication when things do not go according to plan. With this approach, I aim to finish the work in good time and achieve the goals I set out to do. I have a creative brain that is up to meeting the challenges in front of me and I am skilled at creating and implementing Designs and Project Workflows that meet Client Briefs and needs, to bring about a satisfied customer.

Dimakatso Modisane

Outgoing, organized, and proactive front desk administrator at House of Task, and serve as the friendly face of the company, offering welcoming service to those entering the building or calling in on the phone. An energetic and friendly individual who holds a media diploma and marketing, and with experience providing administrative support to clients, suppliers and internal staff.

Joshua Nevhutalu

Interested in Building and construction specializing in interior finishes with services including. Electrical, Plumbing, tiling, painting, wall papers, ceilings & Partitions, Aluminum & glass shopfronts, Rhinolite plaster and joinery fittings

Kholofelo Phihlela

Kholofelo is humorous, but at the same time sturdy in the creative space. A qualified Architectural Draughtsman and interior designer who holds two qualifications from Inscape College and University of Johannesburg. She is a young talented, energetic designer who is eager to learn and grow in the design industry. Exploring art pieces inspires and motivates her to challenge herself to become the best in what she does. She believes in a saying: “You as good as your last design”

Nompumelelo Zikalala

I am intrigued by the way design shapes and moulds the world in which we live our daily lives; how simple objects can be transformed into objects of great beauty, while preserving the functional usefulness and how life is breathed into spaces with these objects. My design style is constantly evolving and developing but it is more inclined to eclectic luxury. I infuse different inspirations and make an aesthetic whole with a luxurious appeal. I am an experienced Interior Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the shopfitting and lighting industry. Highly skilled in AutoCAD, Revit, hand sketching, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, and Microsoft Office to name a few.

Thabiso Makola

Mr Makola was studying diploma in internal auditing at Vaal university of technology which he completed in 2005, thereafter he continued to upgrade his qualification by enrolling for B- COM specializing in internal audit with Unisa from 2011 to 2016.after completing his degree he also enrolled in one year programme in business management with Unisa from Jan 2022 to dec 2022. Mr Makola aspiration is to be charted governance profession which is governed by CGISA With all experiences acquired during my tenure with the above companies, I have developed many skills in accounting and management of company processes and people. I have great business knowledge on how to assist companies to improve their accounting procedures and methods to maximize profitability and reduce costing. I am enthusiastic about assisting companies in implementing and maintaining their accounting records to improve their finance operation to be efficiency and effective.

Lerato Pitso


Holly Picker


Genaldo Frank


Sedia Gope

Meet the man who has blurred the lines between reality & computer graphics. Sedias Gope is not your ordinary interior designer; he is a virtuoso of spatial transformation and a visionary 3D visualizer, known for breathing life into design dreams. With a passion for transcending the boundaries of imagination, Sedias has established himself as a trailblazer in the world of interior design, captivating audiences with his innovative and immersive creations. As a child, Sed had a fascination with art and technology, a fusion that would pave the way for his exceptional career. His journey began with a formal education in interior design, acquiring a deep understanding of the interplay between aesthetics and functionality in the ultra-modern city of Dubai. However, it was his enchantment with the boundless possibilities of 3D visualization that truly ignited his creative spark. Stepping into Sed’s digital realm is like entering a portal to an enchanting dimension. Armed with cutting-edge software and a profound artistic flair, he conjures mesmerizing visualizations that transcend the limitations of reality. Every pixel, every texture, and every ray of light is meticulously crafted, instilling life into the designs and allowing clients to envision their dream spaces before a single brick is laid. With a portfolio that reads like a kaleidoscope of styles, Sed has lent his Midas touch to an array of projects, from chic urban apartments to sprawling luxury hotels.

Rutendo Chemere

A member of TASK’s interior design department where technical detailing and spatial planning takes place, Rutendo has celebrated her fusion of creativity and her aptitude for all that is technical from a young age. Working in the interior design space has enabled her to merge two seemingly separate parts of her personality, allowing her to channel her passions into a career that is perfectly suited to her. She has a particular fascination for the way spatial design influences one’s identity, and how one’s identity in turn can also inspire an interior. Rutendo got her Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Cape Town, where she started working in the industry as a student. She continued to gain experience at an architectural firm before joining the TASK team. Rutendo loves the ‘Innovation through Collaboration’ philosophy we have made our motto and enjoys the fusion of creative minds and how that allows her to continue learning and improving her work.

Khayalethu Makhathini

An Executive Personal Assistant who’s educational experiences have resulted in him being a driven, dedicated and determined individual. He strives to improve himself and gain further experience in a new environment. Khayalethu strives to focus on exceeding expectations for customer service delivery while ensuring & enhancing a positive brand impact. He possesses interpersonal skills, endurance, boldness, and both written as well as verbal communication skills. Working very well with others and easily interact with new people. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, which was completed in 2019 at Varsity College. Khayalethu enjoys a good binge on great television with appreciation of the film arts outside of work.
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