Thabiso Makola

Mr Makola was studying diploma in internal auditing at Vaal university of technology which he completed in 2005, thereafter he continued to upgrade his qualification by enrolling for B- COM specializing in internal audit with Unisa from 2011 to 2016.after completing his degree he also enrolled in one year programme in business management with Unisa from Jan 2022 to dec 2022.

Mr Makola aspiration is to be charted governance profession which is governed by CGISA

With all experiences acquired during my tenure with the above companies, I have developed many skills in accounting and management of company processes and people. I have great business knowledge on how to assist companies to improve their accounting procedures and methods to maximize profitability and reduce costing.

I am enthusiastic about assisting companies in implementing and maintaining their accounting records to improve their finance operation to be efficiency and effective.

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